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In an era where technology and access to information allow anyone to take control of their financial future, our mission is to utilise technology and information to develop trading tools aimed at filling that gap.

Setting strategies to help investors

More About our Products

Each of our tools are effective in their own right and no one tool is ‘better’ than another. Which tool to select will often depend on a trader’s individual style and the prevailing market conditions. The tools range in logic complexity (i.e. the number of factors that go into generating a signal differ in each tool). So for example Supertrend and TradeNav will have more logic and indicators generating their signals (and therefore more variables that the user can set) as opposed to Powertrend or Alpha Waves.

As each trader has their own style of trading, which tool/s is more suited to them is a personal preference.

Each tool is designed to produce precise signals, saving the user hours of analysis to identify possible trades. They are fully customisable to suit a trader’s individual trading style and preferred time-period.

This makes is easier for traders to fulfill their trading plan – including adjusting their stop losses and profit taking targets.

The tools also allow for back testing on each potential trade so that the trader can see over a certain period of time how often the trade was profitable (Percentage Profitable) and by how much it was profitable (Profit Factor). By simply looking at these two values, the trader is able to determine whether or not it’s worth executing on a trade.