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Combo Offer (TradeNav + Day Mapster)

Price direction is determined by the structure of momentum across various time frames and lengths. In addition to the visual structure of momentum we have included a visual stochastic line which indicates WHERE price will go (up, down or sideways) and the SPEED at which it will get there . Momentum structure is far more influential on price action. Use it on ANY timeframe with ANY asset. Accuracy and speed make it ideal for day traders. Use it for trading options, forex, crypto, futures and stocks. A trade navigator covering all major strategies (including income strategies). Used to its full potential, this one of a kind tool earns its keep.
Day Mapster:
The Day Mapster capitalises on overnight price action, interprets the resultant volatility and provides a clear road map to the trading day ahead. It is fully adjustable and used by both Futures and Options traders around the world. By removing the noise of the early session, traders gain clarity and confidence to successfully trade intraday.”


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