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Combo Offer (Powertrend+Alpha Waves)

The perfect tool to start mastering the steps of a successful trader:
1-Set a realistic profit goal.
2-Custom volitility indicator will show WHICH trade to do and WHEN to do it.
3-Real time alerts manage WHEN to enter/exit the trade. Backtesting capability allows traders to understand trade win rates, profit ratios and optimal trade durations. Measures the trade against your risk factor (R) and target profit based on your R. Illustrates non-repaint signals on base strategies.
Alpha Waves:
Combination of 7 indicator dimensions gives traders greater accuracy in assessing the momentum and direction of a trade. Fully customizable – allowing for significant signal and trade flexibility. Displays volatility bands to avoid premature exits. Incorporates Squeeze momentum, volume, stochastics, overbought/oversold conditions and predictive elements. Backtesting capability shows profit factor and win-rate history to help you choose the best trade setup.


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