About Us

about us
The WH trading tools were built out of the frustration experienced by many retail investors

The trading world is filled with other people having so much more success. Why?

We wanted an answer to this common question and started to gather and organise all we had learned over decades of trading. WH was formed to share that information and experience with the retail investor. We wanted to create trading tools to assist in levelling the 'trading field' between retail investors and big institutions. In an era where technology and access to information allow anyone to take control of their financial future, our mission is to utilise technology and information to develop trading tools aimed at filling that gap.

Decades of trading experience by WH’s founder, Chris Hood, led him to understand how the major market participants trade and what strategies are used in their trading. He realised that the level of success achieved from proper planning, using appropriate strategies, and sticking to them was astounding. Many retail traders assumed that all entry strategies are created equally and that they work on all stocks. Realising that this is not the case significantly impacts a trader’s success. The market is driven by big institutional “black boxes” that trade the most profitable trade setups – something inaccessible to the average retail trader. Retail traders are often at a disadvantage and behind the curve, so together with a team of expert trading-system developers, Chris set out to change the status quo through WH.

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