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WH Technical Indicators: Enhancing Profitability with Reliable TradingView Backtesting and Emotion-Free Trade Management

Our experience has shown that successful traders plan their trades and apply the appropriate strategies to the current market conditions. Not all entry strategies are created equally and one strategy will not fit all stocks and all market conditions. Emotions will have a big impact on your trading success.

To help overcome these hurdles to success, we developed the WH technical indicators to help determine which strategies will be the most profitable for you in the prevailing market conditions through reliable back testing capabilities on Tradingview. They’ll give the trader a visual guide on where the market is headed and how the user should manage the trade without the distraction of emotion. Trading based on analytical data will always trump a gut feel.


In an era where technology and access to information allow anyone to take control of their financial future, our mission is to utilise technology and information to develop trading tools aimed at filling that gap.

benefits of using our tools over many other indicators

Why Choose WH TradeCoach Indicators?


Comprehensive Analysis

Multiple logic variables allow the indicator to consider various market factors simultaneously. This comprehensive analysis provides a more holistic view of market conditions, capturing nuances that a single variable indicator might overlook.

Enhanced Accuracy

By incorporating multiple variables, the indicator can generate more accurate signals. Each variable contributes unique information, allowing the indicator to filter out noise and identify high-probability trading opportunities with greater precision.

Adaptability to Market Dynamics

Markets are dynamic and multifaceted, influenced by numerous factors such as price movement, volume, volatility, and market sentiment. Indicators with multiple logic variables can adapt to changing market conditions more effectively, ensuring relevance and reliability across different scenarios.

Reduced False Signals

Single variable indicators are prone to generating false signals, especially in choppy or ranging markets. Multiple logic variables enable the indicator to validate signals across different dimensions, reducing the likelihood of false positives and enhancing the signal-to-noise ratio.

Customization and Flexibility

Traders can customize combination of logic variables based on their trading strategy and preferences. This flexibility allows traders to tailor the indicator to suit specific market conditions or trading styles, maximizing its effectiveness in different contexts.

Diversification of Analysis

Different logic variables may capture different aspects of market behavior, such as trend strength, momentum, volatility, and mean reversion. By diversifying the analysis across multiple variables, the indicator can provide a more robust assessment of market dynamics, enhancing decision-making and risk management.

Improved Risk Management

A more accurate and comprehensive analysis provided by multiple logic variables can contribute to better risk and position management. Traders can use the indicator’s signals to make fully informed decisions regarding position sizing, stop-loss placement, and trade exit strategies, thereby reducing the potential for significant losses and subsequently improving overall performance.