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The WH Tools were built out of the frustration experienced by many retail investors….

Many traders have a reasonable level of success but can’t seem to take their trading to the next level.

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What Sets Us Apart
Trading Tools Subscriptions

Multi-faceted indicator tools



$29/ Month
  • Pricing trends
  • Trade management
  • Backtest win rates, profit ratios, trade duration

Alpha Waves

$49/ Month
  • Multiple squeeze dimensions for greater accuracy
  • Customisable
  • Backtest win-rate and profit factor


$59/ Month
  • Assess momentum and trend
  • Multiple timeframes
  • Backtest potential trades
  • Trade management

Foundation Pack

$69/ Month
  • Discounted combo pack
  • Powertrend momentum indicator
  • Alpha Waves squeeze tool

Level Up Pack

$89/ Month
  • Discounted combo pack
  • Trendtracker tool
  • Alpha Waves tool


$249/ Month
  • Comprehensive range of MA, volitility and squeeze dimensions.
  • Unmatched processing power.
  • Multipe timeframes.
  • Backtesting capabilities.

Day Mapster

$399/ Month
  • Capitalise on overnight price action.
  • Removes noise of early session.
  • Gain clarity for trading day ahead.


$499/ Month
  • Assesses trade momentum and timing.
  • Shows where price is headed and speed at which that price will be reached.
  • Any timeframe. Any asset.
  • Quick and accurate (ideal for intraday).

Intraday Pro Pack

$799/ Month
  • Discounted combo pack
  • TradeNav Tool
  • Day Mapster Tool
clients’ testimonials

I use the Squeeze tool, momentum candles, Vix Fix, and Vix Momentum very extensively for day trading.

Mike O

The custom suite of tools that WH has created has provided me with an incredible level of market insight.

John O

The fact that you can see the probabilities of various combinations provides me with more confidence

Michelle C

The volatility bands are awesome and so accurate as to the direction the stock is moving.

Jenny W